Transmissions from the Black Ivory Tower – Episode 3


Degtyarov is joined by long-time Black Ivory knight and King of Queen English MDL for the third episode of Transmissions from the Black Ivory Tower. Click here to download it over at Podbean, or listen directly through the stream below.


In the news section, we discuss new releases by Sale Freux, Agatus and others.

In our Metal + Alt + Delete section, in which we discuss our metal-related woes, this week’s topic is awkward metal interviews. We give our top 5 of most awkward metal interviews, including samples and audacious banter. You can see the full interviews we talk about in the links below, but we’ve also included samples to give you a taste of what the bloody hell it is we’re on about.

Episode links:

France d’Oïl Productions

Necrobutcher interview

Gaahl interview

Absu interview

Xasthur interview

Neige interview

Nargaroth‘s Burning Leaf video (MUST WATCH)

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