BIT Mixtape #16 – La Sidatualité

A podcast that explores the French underground, taking you from the country’s regal, medieval past to its AIDS-infested present.

As a note of warning, there was a fairly big gap in volume and production between these songs, so in order to get a relatively constant volume, the sound on track #2 ended up rather fucked. We of course invite you to check out this great track and EP in all its untouched glory here.

Listen to the mixtape via the stream above or download it directly at our Podbean.

1. Sale Freux – Corbeaux du soir, espoir [0:00]
2. Sühnopfer – Tourments et pleurs [3:20]
3. Aorlhac – Les enfants des limbes [10:04]
4. Peste Noire – Phalènes et pestilence – salvatrice averse [16:41]
5. Darkenhöld – Eerie plain at dawn [28:52]
6. Sale Freux – Santé nom de Freux! [32:46]
7. Autarcie – Complainte carcérale [39:14]
8. Valfunde – “Sérénade” de Verlaine [47:59]
9. Peste Noire – La condi hu [53:00]

Total time: 78 minutes

Mixed by Degtyarov

Samples played during track 4 taken from the Peste Noire documentary.

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2 Comments on BIT Mixtape #16 – La Sidatualité

  1. Amazing mixtape but you forgot the list the last track, is that Diapsiquir?

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