BIT Mixtape #14 – In the Flames of the Final Battle

This mixtape explores the glorious; the truly epic; that which may have been lost forever as time marches onwards into oblivion. If you do not mourn for that, which once was, this music is not for you.


Listen to the mixtape via the stream above or download it directly at our Podbean.


Intro – Sacrifices to Hephaistos (Basil Poledouris) [0:00]
1. Cromlech – Iron fist / Iron will [2:15]
2. Kawir – Τιτανομαχία [12:09]
3. Agatus – Flight into forever [18:29]
4. Bathory – Under the runes [25:28]
5. Zemial – I tan i epi tas [31:12]
6. Nokturnal Mortum – Valkyria (extended version) [34:48]
7. Osuna y leña – Fantasía para triple [46:54]
8. Cóndor – Roncesvalles [50:07]
Outro – A battle, not on ice (Basil Poledouris) [59:25]

Total time: 69 minutes

Mixed by Degtyarov

About degtyarov (133 Articles)
Molotov cocktail in the face of music whorenalism.

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