Transmissions from the Black Ivory Tower – Episode 6

A new podcast! Degtyarov briefly discusses new material by Isa and Kamaedzitca, and delves into sensationalistic articles about Myrkur and The Needle Drop.

The microphone decided on its own to record more background noise than usual, so sincerest apologies for the squeaky chair in the background.

Check out the episode in the player below or download it through Podbean.

For some EXTRA EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL, here is a short addendum that contains a more detailed rundown of my thoughts on Islam, as came up during the Myrkur topic. I removed it from the original podcast because it was too lengthy and off-topic, but perhaps some of you will still be interested in hearing it:

Or download it on Podbean.

Intro song by Aorlhac:
Final song by Cromlech:

Episode links:
Kamaedzitca review
Kamaedzitca music video
Myrkur interview
Islam for dumbass metalheads
Isa interview 1
Isa interview 2
Review of Taigafolk, a split album featuring Isa

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