Peste Noire lyrics in English


With Black Ivory Tower having such a long history in covering the works of Peste Noire, it will come as little surprise to some that this pigsty of underground reviews now be the source of one of the band’s most sought-after treasures: high-quality translations of the entire oeuvre of Europe’s most notorious, but also most misunderstood metal band.

Let it be clear from the start, though, that BIT has had no part whatsoever in making these translations; we are merely the stage whence they are unleashed upon the world. Full credit goes to M.D.L. and L’Atrabilaire, whose hard labour is featured here courtesy of La mesnie Herlequin. The layout is the result of a collaboration between LMH and BIT. Some of the pictures link to videos that will explain you more about the song, the image, and/or their relation.

If you are looking for the lyrics of Dans ma nuit [2014], they’re at the bottom of the Peste Noire s/t page.

Please note that these lyrics cannot be reproduced/published in other media without explicit permission from the band.

Below are links the translations of each of the 5 full-length albums released by Peste Noire so far.

La Sanies des siècles – Panégyrique de la dégénérescence [2006]
La sanie des siècles

Folkfuck folie [2007]
Folkneuk Folie

Ballade cuntre lo Anemi francor [2009]
Ballade (heruitgave)

L’Ordure à l’état Pur [2011]

Peste Noire [2013]

La Chaise-Dyable [2015]
Peste Noire - La Chaise-Dyable

Eternal gratitude goes out to the LMH Crusaders for sharing this with us.

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Degtyarov, Last Century

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4 Comments on Peste Noire lyrics in English

  1. Finally, people will get what I mean when I describe PN as “Carnivore for people who read Baudelaire”.

  2. Awesome work! Any plans on translating La Chaise Dyable?

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