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Shameless Advertisement (March 21, 2013)


Author: Degtyarov
Some recommendations brought to you by our sales deparment. Plebeians not allowed.

Service Announcement (March 17, 2013)


Author: Degtyarov
How Black Ivory Tower was transformed from a blog into a website.

Swag Metal (March 8, 2013)


Author: Degtyarov
Kapitalismus ist Zauberhaft. Because pennies buy you CDs. And CDs allow you to write new reviews for the commoners.

Ardraos (Sühnopfer) to handle drums on new Peste Noire album (August 4, 2012)


Author: Degtyarov
You read it here, first. Ardraos, i.e. the best drummer of France, beats the shit out of his drum kit for the new Peste Noire album. ‘S noice innit bruv?

Kawir is recording a new album (August 18, 2011)


Author: Degtyarov
The announcement of Isotheos, before it became known as Isotheos. With a video of “Hymn to Winds”, before it became known as “Hymn to Winds”. Black Ivory Tower: the first to bring you the latest news.