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Music criticism

From The Heights
Much more than just music criticism. My mate and fellow BIT crusader Maximus uses this modest blog to formulate his own visions on art, music and religion. Highly recommended reading for the erudite mind.

Classy and analytical, a bit like Black Ivory Tower, but with less offensive humor and a broader orientation.

La Mesnie Herlequin
Label, zine, all-around plague. Hosts a small amount of content taken from their upcoming magazine publication, but its quality is as high as the band it is associated with. Also kindly provided me with translations of Peste Noire lyrics.

High-quality music criticism. One of the most solid websites around in terms of consistency and frequency of their writings.

Lurker’s Grave
The final incarnation of Lurker’s Path (2009 – 2014†). Features some of Degtyarov’s writings.

Trial By Ordeal
One of the greatest fucking metal blogs there ever was, but no-one ever talks about them. Give them some loving, even though their website is 6 feet under, activity-wise. And I’m not talking about the shitty band.

Other bits ‘n’ pieces

The Biggest Problem in the Universe
The very best podcast that’s out there. Internet phenomenon and voice of reason Maddox teams up with Dr. Phil troller and overall badass Dick Masterson to rank all the problems in the universe.

Hans Jansen
The personal website of the esteemed Dutch arabist, columnist and Member of European Parliament prof. dr. Hans Jansen. Always delivering his uncomfortable opinions with nebulous, academic irony; it is easy to see why we sympathise.

(Update: Jansen has sadly passed away on May 5th, 2015 at age 72. His idiosyncratic writing and wisdom shall never be forgotten, and they will continue to influence Black Ivory Tower for as long as this publication continues to exist.)

Svarga Music
Germany-based label specialised in Ukrainian metal. Nearly every item in their catalogue is quality.

Humoristic and politically incorrect commentary on current affairs. What BIT would be like if it were a political website, but better.

Tour de Garde
Quebecois label and webstore that offers a platform to the filthiest shit out there. Obligatory for North American black metal fans.