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Here you will find the articles we have written over the years that do not fit into the review category. This may include interviews, editorials or articles on a band’s discography rather than a single release. In case you are looking for the official translations of Peste Noire, go here. News articles and general updates we have posted over the years will not be included in this list if they are no longer relevant.

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The Primordial CriticAn editorial on politics in music criticism
Published by Degtyarov on March 1, 2015

Chronological list

The Primordial Critic – On politics in music criticism (Degtyarov, 01/03/2015)
Música y Estado (Spanish) – BIT mission statement (Degtyarov, 11/02/2015)
Kamaedzitca Interview – A convo with Aleg of Kamaedzitca (Degtyarov, 31/01/2015)
Top 10 Albums 2014 – An overview of the year that perished (Degtyarov, 20/11/2014)
Black Ivory Tower Chronicles #3 – On inspirations (Degtyarov, 22/09/2014)

Black Ivory Tower Chronicles #2 – On music criticism (Degtyarov, 20/09/2014)
Black Ivory Tower Chronicles #1 – On the publication’s history (Degtyarov, 24/07/2014)
Profiling the Epic – On Summoning & more (Maximus, 04/02/2014)
Top 10 Albums 2013 – The annual pisstake (Degtyarov, 07/12/2013)
Darkness Falls – On a change in focus (Degtyarov, 22/09/2013)

Sühnopfer Interview – Extensive interview with Ardraos (Degtyarov, 25/08/2013)
The Tower – Editorial about physical music collections (Degtyarov, 06/05/2013)
Lords of Naivety – A complaint against BM documentaries (Degtyarov, 21/04/2013)
Blackgaze Does Not Exist – Editorial on the blackgaze non-genre (Degtyarov, 18/01/2013)
Tearing Down the Curtain – On Slavic music (Degtyarov & Poswicht, 09/05/2012)