About us

At the moment, Black Ivory Tower is made by two writers.

nl Degtyarov


Founder and, for a long time, the only writer of the site. He initially created Black Ivory Tower as a place to simply dump his existing reviews on, but soon began to write for the site actively. Dislikes black metal as soon as it’s sung in English. Can’t resist an opportunity to talk trash about Immortal and Gorgoroth, which greatly annoys you. Is about as enthusiastic about French black metal as he is about the Russian army. He really is a pedantic, militaristic jerk, but at times it results in nice articles.

de Poswicht

Is supposed to take the site to a higher level. Has a somewhat broader focus and doesn’t have the habit of meandering on about lyrics and band concepts for several paragraphs. Won’t refer to his Peste Noire review in every subsequent article, mainly because he didn’t write one. Peaceful and understanding. So you’ll want to send your bad demos to him.