BIT Mixtape #12 – Men of the Planet

This is sort of a bonus edition of the Black Ivory Mixtape, as it is dedicated to one band: Kamaedzitsa from Belarus. With a new album on the horizon, it is time to look back at the career highlights of my favourite band. With the first song featured on this mixtape dating back to 2004 and the last one to 2017, this collection covers 13 years of music.

Across no fewer than 20 tracks and 94 minutes, we hear why Kamaedzitsa might be the most sonically diverse metal band in the European underground. From folk metal to rock to powerballads to black metal to hardcore and even electronic music, Kamaedzitsa never ceases to surprise.

This mixtape also contains some rare/unknown tracks, such as “Dobroslav’s song”, their instrumental tribute to Kolovrat, and the promo track they made for the Father Frost Mode project.

Listen to the mixtape via the stream above or download it directly at our Podbean.


1. Песнь о Доброславе / Dobroslav’s song (0:00)
2. Безмолвные слова твои / Voiceless are your words (5:27)
3. Straight edge Belarus (11:09)
4. По программе Дедушки Мороза / Father Frost Mode promo track (14:40)
5. Калi змагу ўбачыць новы свiтанак / When I can see a new dawn (18:30)
6. Акіян адзiноты / Ocean of loneliness (21:37)
7. Колазварот / Sunwheel (28:49)
8. Честь и кровь / Honour and blood* (34:06)
9. Салютам язычнiцкай крывi / A salute to heathen blood** (36:34)
10. Мой продак – мядзвездь / My ancestor – the bear (42:18)
11. Раджаць сабою перамогi волю / To bear by yourself the will to overcome (48:12)
12. Традиция Севера / The North tradition (51:48)
13. Заметался пожар голубой… / Azure space is aflame up above (58:45)
14. Дух воина / The warrior spirit (63:45)
15. xМІНСКx / xMINSKx (67:40)
16. Молодёжь Вотана / WotanJugend (70:07)
17. Застылi думкi над берагам хуткай ракi / Above a fast river, moveless are the thoughts (79:14)
18. f.o.l.k.ELECTRo (83:50)
19. Уставшее одиночество / The tiring loneliness (87:08)
20. Дакранiся да кветкi свайго сумлення / Touch the flower of your conscience (92:11)

Total time: 94 minutes

*Tribute to Kolovrat
**Tribute to Molat

Mixed by Degtyarov

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