BIT Mixtape #11 – Intergalactic Freeway

The latest Black Ivory Mixtape is another non-metal collection, focusing instead on rock, post-rock, and ambient. Recommended for lonely roadtrips through the countryside.


Listen to the mixtape via the stream above or download it directly at our Podbean.


1. Ulver – Porn piece of the scars of cold kisses [abridged] (0:00)
2. when whales collide – We’re lost here (4:07)
3. Amesoeurs – Video girl (10:22)
4. *Ancients – Arcturus (15:06)
5. Zhaoze – The world is a blue stone (18:43)
6. Old Silver Key – Nineteen winters far away from home (31:17)
7. Course of Nature – 1000 times (34:57)
8. Kamaedzitsa – Azure space is aflame up above… (39:38)
9. Woods of Ypres – The allure of the earth (44:45)
10. Panopticon – The wind’s farewell (50:59)
11. *Ancients – Icarus (57:35)

Total time: 67 minutes

Mixed by Degtyarov

About degtyarov (133 Articles)
Molotov cocktail in the face of music whorenalism.

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