BIT Mixtape #10 – Triumphant Return


Black Ivory Tower‘s first mixtape of 2017 offers a supreme balance of metal and folk that invokes the epic, the mysterious and the grand. Concentrated blasts of energy are interspersed with space for reflection and contemplations. Best enjoyed during long walks and trips.

Listen to the mixtape via the stream above or download it directly at our Podbean.


Intro (Hymn to Zeus) (0:00)
1. Kawir – Prometheus (5:24)
2. Isa – Поющий горизонт (12:07)
3. Nokturnal Mortum – Lira (23:20)
4. Velimor – Noregsgard (Storm cover) (28:23)
5. Sühnopfer – Aux aurores (35:50)
6. Drudkh – Вогняний змій (38:26)
7. Jassa – Breath of the most ancient God (47:20)
8. Eoront – Солнце духа (54:50)

Total time: 78:48

Mixed by Degtyarov

(May contain some unlisted surprises.)

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1 Comment on BIT Mixtape #10 – Triumphant Return

  1. Another excellent playlist. Thanks for taking the time to put these together and share!

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