BIT Mixtape #8 – …To Vladivostok


…To Vladivostok is a musical journey from Eastern Europe to the Russian Far East. Listen to this mixtape through the stream below or by downloading it directly via our Podbean account.

We start in Lithuania and Belarus (historically united in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania) before moving on to the European territories of Russia, while also making a brief stop in Ukraine. In Russia, we go from the Arctic cities of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk down to Moscow and into the Siberian heartlands surrounding Krasnoyarsk. Our final stop is beyond the borders of Mongolia, in the Russian Far East. An epilogue captures the spirit shared by many of the visited territories, and recalls a brief memory of what once was, way back in the West of Europe.

This mixtape includes both traditional and modern interpretations of folk music; a capella songs as well as instrumentals, connecting music that is both wildly varied and spiritually alike.


1. Nubiferous – Source of lunar waters (0:00)

I – Baltic Sea
2. Stary Olsa – Ладдзя (1:45)
3. Spanxti – Už kalnelio ežerėlis (2:51)
4. Kamaedzitsa – Пяруне (7:48)
5. Stary Olsa – Ружа (8:37)
6. Ugniavijas – Žvingia Žvingia (11:49)
7. Stary Olsa – Песнь а Будзіне (15:27)

II – Carpathia
8. Drudkh – Журавлі ніколи не повернуться сюди (20:14)

III – Arctic
9. Moon Far Away – Цветики (23:36)
10. Lyudi na Kholme – Нойд (27:39)

IV – Muscovy
11. Krynitza – Черный ворон (31:38)

V – Taiga
12. Knyazhaya Pustyn – Ковыль-Трава (35:20)
13. Lesnoy Tanets – Думы валунов (37:01)

VI – Far East
14. Volkolak – Один против Тумена (40:42)
15. Volkolak – От брата до ворога (43:22)

16. Hate Forest – Поминальна [field recording] (47:59)
17. Moon Far Away – Мама Русь (49:55)
18. Knyazhaya Pustyn – Han som reiste (57:26)

Total time: 58 minutes

Mixed by Degtyarov

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