Transmissions from the Black Ivory Tower – Episode 4


In this new episode of Transmissions from the Black Ivory Tower, Tenebrous Kate joins Degtyarov to talk about Roadburn 2017, Neige et Noirceur, Zeal and Ardor, and Death in Rome.

Our discussion of this week is about album art clichés. From misty forests to lesbian vampires, we cover it all! In addition, you will find out why Degtyarov is the Neil DeGrasse Tyson of bagpipes.

Check out the episode in the player below or download it through Podbean.


We ended up not picking the Wanderer above the sea of fog painting as a featured image because it is just too damn corny by now to even justify using it ironically.

In case you were wondering what the alternative cover of Black Ivory Tower magazine #2 referenced in the podcast looks like:


(click to enlarge)

To check out the referenced works of Isa, Neige et Noirceur and Zeal and Ardor, follow the respective links. Contrary to what was so boisterously claimed during the episode, the Tomás Ó Canainn album has yet to be uploaded, but this will happen soon.

Contrary to our expectations, Kate’s new book sold out in a matter of days, and is not available as of the airing of this episode. We do, however, recommend you to check out her website for other fantastic shit she has crafted over the years.

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