BIT Mixtape #5 – Volk Voices


This is a collection of folk songs that ranges from authentic traditional music to folk-influenced pop. With the exception of the Lithuanians of Spanxti, all artists featured on this mixtape are Russian. Later this year, Black Ivory Tower will also publish a mixtape with Western folk artists in order to show both the diversity and continuity of the European music traditions.

Listen to the episode via the player below or by downloading at our Podbean account.



1. Volkolak – Чурам (0:00)
2. Anna Pingina – Лети ветер (2:22)
3. Spanxti – Leliumai (7:34)
4. Krynitza – Князь (14:45)
5. Risha – Дороженька (18:49)
6. Olga Arefyeva – Пророк (22:44)
7. Nikolai Emelin – Русь (26:27)
8. Svechanik – Военные страдания (29:38)
9. Anna Pingina – Бесконечная (35:02)

Total time: 38:52

Mixed by Degtyarov

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