Transmissions from the Black Ivory Tower – Episode 2


The second episode of the Black Ivory Tower podcast, such joy! Click here to download it over at Podbean, or listen directly through the stream below.


This week, Degtyarov is joined by BIT contributor and singer of Cóndor Antonio Espinosa. Together, they discuss new releases by Winterfylleth and Velimor, as well as Blood Incantation‘s most recent album.

Our big topic this episode is ‘recentism’, a term we use to describe the tendency of metal writers and listeners to check out as many new releases as possible without ever delving deeper into any of the music they come across. Additional talking points include the detrimental effects of rock marketing in metal and classical music, and how underground metal is more than just entertainment.

Last but certainly not least, we take a look at Cóndor’s new album Sangreal, which is due to be released on October 12th. What direction does Antonio’s band take with their third full-length? How does Cóndor fit into the larger picture of Colombian and South American metal? Why are most of Brujería‘s band members gringos? All questions are answered.

We did run into a few recording issues during this episode, even having to re-record an entire segment, resulting in some sound imbalance. So if Degtyarov sounds like he’s mumbling, just up that volume, bitch!

Episode links:

Cóndor Bandcamp (Sangreal won’t appear until October 12, but you can already listen to its single “Se extienden las sombras”)

Bandcamp link to Velimor’s new single “Noregsgard” (Storm cover)

Degtyarov’s interview with Winterfylleth

On An Overgrown Path‘s article on the failure of rock marketing in classical music

No less than 43 reviews (conveniently averaging out at 69%) of Hades Archer‘s Penis metal at Metal-Archives

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