BIT Mixtape #4 – This is War


This mixtape has war as its main theme, and sees artists approach it from different musical and political angles. The bands featured in this list have nothing to do with each other and real life and were chosen solely based on musical qualities and compatibility. Download it on Podbean, or listen to the stream below.
1. Intro – Rise of Genghis Khan (0:00)
2. Stary Olsa – Падымалісь чорны хмары… (Абарона Крычава) (0:37)
3. Hammer of Hate – Słowianie (4:21)
4. Honor – Żołnierz Północy – Nordland (8:26)
5. Grazhdanskaya Oborona – Белые солдаты (12:21)
6. Kolovrat – Ижевский полк (13:47)
7. Eshelon – Священная Война (15:40)
8. Tormentia – Żołnierz Westerplatte (20:50)
9. Tormentia – Cena idei (25:47)
10. Ugniavijas – Palaukėj pamiškėj (31:14)
Total time: 33:40
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