BIT Playlist #3 – Eastern Mysteries

BIT playlist 3

Black Ivory Tower has for the longest time been covering unknown metal artists from Eastern Europe. We were among the first Western outlets to highlight such bands as Sivyj Yar, Isa and Kamaedzitsa, while our coverage of projects such as Dub Buk, Drudkh and Nokturnal Mortum delved deeper than most other publications.

This playlist, titled Eastern Mysteries, features 9 artists from Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine. Nearly all of them have never been mentioned on Black Ivory Tower before, so even our most die-hard readers will find plenty of new artists to explore.

For this new playlist, we have perfected the mixing and volume. All tracks transition smoothly, and we have added sound effects to enhance the atmosphere. Eastwards!


1. Zaklon – Чорнае лісьце (Degtyarov edit) (0:00)
2. Stryvigor – Таємниці темряви (6:57)
3. Jassa – Расступись, земля (10:59)
4. Piarevaracien – Razdziel II (14:08)
5. Thunderkraft – Навстречу новой заре (20:17)
6. Juodvarnis – Audra prieš tyla (24:54)
7. Aparthate – Hearthflame (30:52)
8. Knyazhaya Pustyn – Скрижали солнца (36:01)
9. Na Sever – Последний вдох (38:16)

Total time: 44:02

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