BIT Playlist #2 – Urban Brawl

BIT playlist 2

Our last playlist was quite successful, so here is a new one. This playlist introduces a few new concepts: it’s much shorter than the first one, making it perfect for work-outs, commutes and whatnot. There’s also a theme running throughout the songs, which in this case is urban combat, streetfighting, and fucking shit up in general. The mixing and volume are also a lot better than on the first one.

This oi and punk-focused playlist is dedicated to Euro 2016’s valiant Russian straight-edge heroes who beat up the fat alcoholic English chav fucks who have been displacing plastic furniture at every football tournament throughout Europe for years. Roast beef go home. What goes around comes around even your obese asses.



1. Molat – Гарадскi партызан (0:00)
2. Tormentia – Wojsko Polskie (4:51)
3. Peste Noire – Le dernier putsch (8:03)
4. Kamaedzitsa – По программе Дедушки Мороза 2014 (13:43)
5. Akitsa – Gloire à la Nouvelle-France (17:33)
6. Ungern – In pursuit of disobedience (20:17)
7. OWK – Warszawa (25:47)
8. Plastic Surgery – Rivolta (30:34)

Total time: 34:42


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1 Comment on BIT Playlist #2 – Urban Brawl

  1. Nicholas // July 16, 2016 at 20:34 // Reply

    proper workout music

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