Working on Black Ivory Tower #2

In the coming few months, we will be busy working on the second Black Ivory Tower magazine. This means that site updates will be less regular. They won’t stop completely, but just expect less extensive features, because at the moment our main priority lies with creating those for the magazine. You will still be able to enjoy our short reviews shot-from-the-hip in Don’t Enter, as well as some other light-hearted articles and perhaps an interview here or there.

The new Black Ivory Tower magazine will be subtitled “Time of heroes” and in it we will focus primarily on folk music, neofolk, ambient, martial and related genres, with a bit of metal thrown in here and there for good measure. Reviews will still make up most of the content, although this time we’ll also include some interviews and other types of articles. Design-wise, it will follow the format of the first zine, but it will be improved in several areas. If all goes to plan (and when does it ever?), we should complete work on the magazine by the end of this summer.


Other details about the content (page number, cover art, bands featured, etc.) cannot be given at this moment as they are not yet (fully) known even to us.

Mind that there will be no pre-orders available, nor special wholesale rates, so there is no use in asking us.

We hope that you’ll stick with us as we make sure that you will have the opportunity to read “Time of heroes” as soon as possible. Follow our Facebook page for more updates. If you want to get an idea of what the magazine will be like, this review will be included as its first article.

Those who tragically missed out on the first magazine, 2014’s “Interbellum”, can still get it at Schattenmann’s zine-zone.

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