Country of origin: lt Lithuania
Number of issues: 7
Review based on issue: 7
Lay-out: Colour cover, A4
Focus: Art, culture

In terms of design and overall appearance Diovim is one of my favourite magazines. It has a beautiful, smooth cover, and the magazine itself sports a retro, newspaper-like look. Diovim touches upon a wider variety of topics than just metal, with art, cinema and even motor cycles also being represented across several pages. With the help of a Lithuanian friend I have been able to observe that the zine review section is as helpful as it is amusing, as the author displays a similar disdain for sanctimonious policor scumbags as I do. Even still, the language will be an obstacle for most, seeing as not everyone has the advantage of having a Lithuanian friend. After all, there are fewer Lithuanians on this globe than there are Hermes employees without criminal records. And that says something.



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