Black Ivory Tower zine

Country of origin: nl Holland
Number of issues: 1
Lay-out: Full colour, A4, 60 pages
Focus: Eastern European metal, folk, artistic philosophy


Of course, this is not so much a review as it is a description, seeing as this is our own work. However, the statement that this zine is one-of-a-kind is by no means derived from our own arrogance. For out of all the zines included in this compendium thus far, Black Ivory Tower is the only one that contains no interviews whatsoever. Instead, all space was used to elaborate our vision on metal, other music and art in general, in the form of both reviews and editorials. Every article has an essayistic style, which helps them span across several pages. Reviews are suited for newcomers to the artists discussed, as well as die-hard fans. Instead of aiming for consumer-oriented informational reviews, we attempt to provide listeners with a proper entry point into the music, augmenting their understanding and, hopefully, appreciation of the art. Reviewed artists include Drudkh, Peste Noire, Dub Buk, Kamaedzitca and Wolfskin. Black Ivory Tower #1 is a complaint against the complacency of music critics, and our definitive mission statement as a music outlet.



Amor Manet 2

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