Magazine sold out (and other frivolities)


The biggest sellouts

Only 2 months after its publication, I’m through my stock of Black Ivory Tower copies. All copies have been sold, traded, or gifted, so, unfortunately, from now on I cannot take any more offers. All remaining orders will be shipped in the coming days and after that I will have no more rags to sell.

But despair not! As you might have noticed already, I also sold a few copies to European mailorders. You can still get your copy at:

Schattenmann’s zine-zone

I’ve contemplated printing some extra copies once the webstores get through their stock and the demand stays up, but I’ll have to see if this will actually happen. I already sent the original copies at a loss, and doing a small re-run would only increase the cost per magazine. So if I end up printing more magazines, rest assured that the price of a magazine will be considerably higher.

BIT and other projects in 2014

As for the future, a second issue will come eventually, although the exact date will depend largely on how successful I’ll be in securing funds for the printing process. In any case, do not expect a new issue this year unless I win the jackpot. I don’t participate in ponzi schemes, though, so don’t get your hopes up.

In the meanwhile, those who are into my writing will want to know that I’m involved in a few other projects. Apart from my regular contributions to Lurker’s Path, I have recently written some articles for Atmosfear magazine from Ukraine. These include 4 album reviews, a Dub Buk eulogy and a lengthy interview with Morean of Dark Fortress. All articles will appear in Russian, although I might publish the English-language versions of some of the articles elsewhere. Last but not least, I can happily announce that I’ll be contributing reviews to the third edition of War On All Fronts print zine from Ireland. As you might expect by now, my contributions will focus on Eastern Europe.


For the time being, I’m concentrating my BIT-related efforts on creating a new issue of the magazine, so the website will largely depend on guest contributions. More info on the exact fate of the digital part of the Black Ivory machine will follow as I have yet to make some decisions regarding this issue.


Finally, a big thank you to everyone who expressed interest in the magazine over the past months. I am glad that, despite a tedious and Spartan creation process, I and my fellow editors were able to deliver a product that matched or even excelled the quality we had envisioned. The responses have been overwhelming and by now we have confidence that we are genuinely contributing something to the oversaturated cess pit of print zines.

Our final aim is to make some waves in the underground metalzine community by showing the true value of profound music criticism. We realise we cannot achieve that with just one issue, so we hope to see you again in the future.

Thank you,

Also on behalf of Maximus, MDL and Poswicht

If you have any comments, suggestions or inquiries, feel free to write to:
blackivorytower [AT] gmail [DOT] com


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