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It is exactly two years ago that the Dutch and English versions of this site were split. This led to the creation of Bevroren Ivoren Toren and Black Ivory Tower as two separate entities, which they still are to this day. Still, a lot has changed since then. Not only the lay-out of the site was subjected to a metamorphosis, but the texts, too, became more profound and put an even greater emphasis on the cultural and literary aspects of music. New writers joined our ranks, effectively ending the site’s existence as a one man operation. The turbulent year of 2012,Black Ivory Tower smal in which we witnessed various months-long periods without any updates, is far behind us now. At this moment, B.I.T. is finally situated at a point where I had always imagined it to be, but from which it remained removed before, be it due to a lack of time or motivation, be it due to undigested creativity that hindered the cultivation of an own niche.

The review of Isotheos proved to be a turning point: the first review in almost a year, it perfectly represented the development that the concept of this site had undergone in my mind all this time, though without being reflected on paper. With a foundation of cultural elitism, anti-cosmopolitism and a healthy dose of (often misunderstood) Dutch irony, we published a review that may not have garnered appreciation among everybody, but which was by all means justified through a unique approach. The subsequent reviews of works by Akitsa, Nokturnal Mortum and Peste Noire developed the concept even further. The responses to our publications also became better, which in turn generated even more confidence for projects still to come.

The recent developments have strengthened our determination to take the next step in our eternal Crusade in Combat Boots: a physical publication of our work. Our motivations for this are simple: our reviews are long (and seem to be getting longer each time), and even we admit that the internet was not designed for long reads. In addition, listeners of metal are generally conservative, meaning that they tend to prefer the physical over the digital. Not to mention that we are at least as enthusiastic as they are to have our work eternalised on something tangible. Furthermore, the rather deplorable level of metal magazines (I bought a copy of Rock Tribune this week. Jesus Fuck…) strengthens our belief that the ‘scene’ can use a push into the right direction. With these considerations in mind, we commenced working immediately on realising the first publication of Black Ivory Tower.

At the moment, we are busy working on the design on the magazine, so details regarding the publication are scarce even to us. I can announce, however, that the magazine will – lamentably – be in English. While this goes against my many principles, there is no other workable solution seeing as the designer nor the other editors speak Dutch. Dutch readers need not worry, though, as I will upload Dutch versions of every article to the Dutch site.

No Fantano

In terms of content, the magazine will offer a mixture of both old and new work. Our most accomplished reviews will be provided with a revised lay-out, and printed on paper. Every review will also come with some background information, as to provide insight into our work method and ethics. New articles will also be written, and the intention here is to rely a bit more on work by other writers. While the magazine will, for English readers at least, contain some exclusive material, this does not mean that the site will disappear to the background; it will remain, as it has always been, our primary platform.

Seeing as we momentarily find ourselves in the start-up stages of this project, we can not yet give any indications regarding practical affairs such as release date, stock, distribution or price. In regard to the last-named element, we will do everything in our power to keep the price as low as possible by merely covering expenses. We will also try to keep the magazine free of advertisements, just like the website.

New information coming soon.



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  1. This is certainly a good development.

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