Rite of Metamorphosis

At last, the new lay-out has become a reality. After several weeks of preparation, my companion Willard (who designed the whole thing) and I finally transfered both the Dutch and English pages to the new format. Apart from obvious cosmetic alterations, the most noticeable change can be observed in the navigation. No longer we have one long list of all articles. From now on, there is a main page with the latest articles, from which you can browse through our old articles more efficiently.

For starters, I would like to use this message to hereby thank Willard pubically for his altruistic efforts. While he based the design on an existing theme, the unique lay-out of this website can be attributed to him. On a sidenote, the photos you see on the background, in the banner and spread across several articles are my work.

Additionally, I would like to point out that the cosmetic and the substantial aspects of this website are interwoven, meaning that the new design hints towards a new direction. For instance, apart from articles and reviews, we will also start publishing interviews. Editors will also be granted the possibility to comment each others’ work within articles. In summation, now that we have played dress-up posing as a proper webzine, we will also start to behave like one.


As a website that is hell-bent on offering supreme quality, the regularity of new content has always been an issue. This is why, next to Poswicht, Maximus has also joined the ranks of Black Ivory Tower. Initially, his contributions will be limited to reposts of articles from his own blog, From The Heights, but this co-operation may manifest itself in different ways in the future.

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Molotov cocktail in the face of music whorenalism.

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